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How Youtube To MP3 Video Converter Works

These are the following steps you follow to download any Youtube To MP3 Video Converter for free. Let get started.

1. First of all go to the world's biggest video sharing platform "Youtube" and select the video which you want to download.

2. Open the video and copy the video link. ( Click the video share button and select the Copy Link option or Copy the video URL from the top Google search bar).

3. Search on Google "Zeeguru Youtube To MP3 Video Converter" and select the first option. You will be redirected to our site. 

4. Paste the video URL on the given input field, and press the download button.

5. Choose the video format. MP4. MP3 or video quality HD, SD, etc.

6. Select the path where you want to save your video on your mobile phone or PC.

7. Now your Youtube To MP3 convert Video starts downloading and finishes in seconds. 

8. If you face any issue or your video is not downloading or Our site through error. Kindly Contact Us and report the video link. We will fix and it. 

Your satisfaction is our first priority. thanks for using our ZeeGuru Youtube To MP3 Video Converter tool.

Youtube To MP3 Video Converter

Youtube is the most popular video-sharing site which holds millions of videos daily. You can watch any video for free. But Youtube doesn't allow you to download any video without the permission of the video owner. If you will not you any commercial purpose or just save on your gallery for watch later. Well, you can download it on your phone or PC by just copy-paste the video link. Here ZeeGuru Youtube To MP3 Video Converter providing this service for free. if you want to download a Youtube video. You need to just copy-paste the video link and paste it on ZeeGuru Youtube To MP3 Video Converter. If you want to download only Youtube music. So, just copy the video URL and paste it here. 


How to add music to your youtube video in 2021

Adding music to your youtube videos can make them more fun engaging, and they can also highlight emotions throughout your video, and youtube studio has changed a lot over the past year. So, We're going to talk about exactly. How to add music to your youtube video? In case you want to skip to a specific section. The first thing you'll learn is how to upload a video to youtube? How to add music to your video with the youtube studio's video editor. The limitations of youtube's video editor. How to add multiple music tracks to your youtube video using these online video editor, and finally where to find music to add to your youtube video for free, and with that being said let's get started.

How To Upload Video on Youtube?

So, how to upload a video to youtube. If you already know how to do this I highly suggest skipping to the next step signing to YouTube. The sign in button is in the top right corner of the home page. Click the video icon on the top right of the home page. Select upload video, choose the video to upload from your files. Enter the title and description of your video. Basically just upload a video as you would to youtube normally, and then save the video to your youtube studio.

How To Add Music To Your Youtube Video?

Now we're going to cover how to add music to your youtube video with youtube studio. Now I do want to mention that with youtube studio. You can only add one music track to your video, and you can only choose from youtube's royalty-free music catalog. This is why, at the end of the article we're going to show you, How you can add multiple tracks to your youtube video. So, to add music within youtube studio, when you're in your youtube studio.

Go to videos in the left toolbar, Choose the video you want to add music to go to the editor. After you've clicked on this video it's the clipboard icon, and then at the bottom of the screen on the left side of the video timeline. Click plus next to the music note icon, and here you can pick through youtube thousands of royalty-free songs. Once you've found a song that you like within youtube's library. Select the track and click on the add button. You can then move and trim the audio track as you please within the youtube studio timeline.

Once you're happy with the music you've added to your youtube video. Just click save and then all you have to do is wait for youtube to process your video with its new music. Now unfortunately like I mentioned there are some limitations when it comes to youtube studio video editor. It's quite limited when it comes to actually add music to your video. Now first of all you can only add one audio track to your video. This is a pain for many reasons it's especially a problem for people, who create longer videos and they want to add multiple audio tracks to their content.

The second limitation is that we have to choose an audio track from youtube's music catalog and most of the tracks if not all of them are instrumental songs. So, they don't actually have any lyrics and then one of the biggest problems is that, We can't actually add our own audio within youtube's video editor. So like I mentioned. We have to actually choose a song from their catalogue, but don't worry. If you do want to add multiple audio tracks to your video online.

How To Add Music And Multiple Audio Tracks To Your Youtube Video

I'm going to show you exactly how and with that being said here's, How to add music and multiple audio tracks to your youtube video with veed. So veed is an easy-to-use online video editor that will allow us to add multiple tracks and our own custom songs to our video within a few clicks to get started. All you have to do is head over to v.i.o. Youtube To MP3 Video Converter so like I mentioned the first step is to head over to v.i.o and upload your video. once you're within veed's video editor scroll down to the audio tab within the left toolbar. Here we can click on upload audio and we can upload any audio track that we want. If you don't have any music to add wait until the end of the article, and I'll show you where you can get some.

Once you've uploaded your audio track you will now notice that it has appeared in the timeline at the bottom of your screen, and if we go back to the audio tab we can actually see the different tools we have to edit our audio. First of all, we have the volume this one's pretty self-explanatory. If we move the slider up or down this will basically control the volume level of the different audio tracks, that we choose so for example. If you're adding background music to one of your youtube videos. Make sure you drag that slider all the way down, so we can still hear your voice clearly. Next, we have the start time this indicates when you want your audio track to start sometimes the bit we want from the song isn't the beginning, and then finally we have the trim tab. This indicates when your audio track should start and end in the video. If your audio track is longer than the video the track will go on even after the video ends. Use Youtube To MP3 Video Converter to download any music, so make sure to trim it shorter if you want to add more tracks very simple all you have to do is click on upload audio again. And then you can upload as many audio tracks as you wish.

Now if you want to change the volume level of your actual video. So, let's say you want to add some music and you don't want to hear any audio coming from the video. You can do so by clicking on the project tab, and here we have a volume slider for the actual video itself again. You can just adjust this to your liking. Once you're happy with the songs and audio tracks that you've added to your video all you have to do is click on export in the top-right view will then start to render your project. Once it's finished rendering you can then download that video with its new audio tracks, and then of course the last step would be just to upload that video to youtube, that is.

How To Add Multiple Songs And Audio Tracks To Your Videos

Now I'm going to show you where to find music to add to your youtube video for free. So I've already mentioned it but I am going to mention it again on youtube studio. Youtube has a catalog of royalty-free music that you can add to your content. If you know what kind of music you're looking for just go into youtube's audio library and enter the information within their search bar, and hopefully you can find some music. There you can also take a look at Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a massive online music library and a lot of their music is actually categorized under the creative commons license. If you want to download any other Youtube video music get the video licensed from the video owner and come on Zeeguru Youtube To MP3 Video Converter to download just one click. This means that if you want some variety in your music to add to your youtube channel. Soundcloud might be the website for you also if you do use royalty-free music under the creative commons license. You still have to give credit to the artist, So please do so within your youtube descriptions.

Finally, the last suggestion I have for you is the free music archive. Free music archive is one of the biggest platforms to free audio tracks with more than 1500 public domain tracks for commercial use, and thousands more licensed under creative comments and that's pretty much it. I'm sure there are a thousand more places that you can find music for free to add to your youtube videos.

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