What is VK Video Downloader?

ZeeGuru launched a new VK Video downloader Because Vk does not allow you to download our videos they want to share videos on other social media platforms. Vk is a social media platform just like Facebook. All facebook features are available on Vk.com. Simply go to Vk's official site and create your account. now you are interacting with millions of Vk users and using it just like Facebook. But here is a common difference between Facebook and Vk. Facebook suggested you to nearby users to add friends but the Vk is suggested you add friends worldwide. your Vk profile is shown on worldwide Vk users. 

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How to use Vk Video Downloader?

If you want to download any Vk videos online for free in HD quality.

1. Just go to Vk.com and select the video which you want to download now.

2. Two ways to copy the video link. First right-click the video and copy the video address. and click the video share button and copy the video URL.

3. Go to ZeeGuru.com and paste the video Url.

4. Press the download button and choose your video quality.

5. Video is automatically saved on your gallery.

ZeeGuru Vk Video Downloader Is Free?

Yes, Of course, the ZeeGuru video downloader is totally free and easy to use. And also we will not charge. Zeeguru does not have a premium version it's overall free.

Zeeguru allows you to Download Unlimited Vk Videos?

Yes, Zeeguru allows you to download unlimited Vk videos for free in HD quality. We supported 41 video downloaders which all are free and easy to use. You can download 1000+ videos without any charges. If you have any problem with our site feel free to contact us, We will reply to you soon and solve the problem.

More details about VK the Facebook Of Russia

Imagine for a moment that the US government decided to completely shut down Facebook for a day and the utter bedlam that would ensue. Well, that very scenario occurred this week in Russia with a very popular social networking site VK. If you have not heard of VK. It's often described as the European version of Facebook and with 210 million registered users. It's a formidable counterpart to the American grown social networking giant. Its name is short for Vkontakte which means in contact in Russian they founded in Russia in 2006.

It's popular across Europe partly due to the multiplicity of languages available the site initially had three official languages English Russian and Ukrainian and now has 70 user-generated languages. Interestingly Russian-speaking users can choose between Soviet and pre-revolutionary versions of the language that have some language tweaks like telegrams for messages comrades for friends etc. Private messages contain a stamp saying passed server censorship, which is potentially ironic when you consider what happened this week. It's context back in 2012.

Russia enacted the law, which allows the government to blacklist websites without a trial. The stated purpose is to protect children from harmful content on Thursday. VK was added to that blacklist for a few hours so no. One in Russia could access it an official called it a human error a claim which seems to belong in air quotes.

According to some the founder of VK. Pavel Durov has clashed with authorities in the past for allowing anti-Putin activists to coordinate protests on the site. And last month he was implicated in a traffic incident you know one of these apparently quite common in Russia that resulted in his home and the VK office being searched by investigators. These problems coincided with a shareholder shake-up placing a Kremlin-connected firm United Capital Partners with a 48 percent stake in VK.

Its President Ilya sure pitch denies being an agent of Putin as some have called him. But skeptics interpret their management shakeup and the outage as an attempt by the government to censor a social networking site used by hundreds of millions are you a VK user.