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Vimeo video downloader is one of the free tools that allow you to download Vimeo videos for free. ZeeGuru Vimeo Video Downloader provides free online downloading in HD quality. Vimeo is the most popular site where users can upload daily new videos. If you like any video and want to save it on your gallery to watch offline. So, you are in the best place. Use our free downloading service. ZeeGuru supports 41 video downloaders. 

How to download Vimeo Videos?

Vimeo video downloading is very simple and easy. If you face any problem with downloading. Kindly follow these steps and if your problem is not solved then please Contact Us

1. Simply go to and open the Vimeo video which you want to download. 

2. Copy the Video URL (Copy link on the top Google search bar or click on share button and select Copy Video Link or Right-click to Copy Video Address).

3. Click Download. Your video is saved on your gallery. 

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6 Best features of Vimeo 

Videos are the core of the internet today and I believe that Vimeo should be your go-to-host for your video content. In this blog I'll tell you why a lot of people asked me, should I use YouTube or Vimeo to host my videos? And the answer is always, YES! I think you should use, Vimeo and YouTube to post your videos. YouTube is a great place to find a new audience and all distributed. So as Facebook. But Vimeo is a place for your own media to host and then distributed to other places. So, Vimeo I think should be the place that you host your high-quality video content. 
I want to explain, why it is, and some of the features that I love with Vimeo that I believe. Make it the best hosting platform for your video content. 

First Vimeo Feature

And the first reason that I recommend Vimeo, is because of their Embedding Customization. Now, when I embed a video into a website, I love that with Vimeo, I can leave the Vimeo icon in there or take it away. Or I can have the play button big or I can let people navigate to where they wanna go in video or take those functionalities away. I can really control how I embed the content, even put a password in front of the video. I wanna do that. Our capturing an email. Vimeo gives you so many customizations when you embed your content to the way you like it. Rather than just one foot, one size fits all. Like YouTube which is great, if you want to get more YouTube views. But I believe Vimeo creates the best user experience when you're embedding your video. And the user experience that you decide on not what the provider decides on.

Second Best Vimeo Feature

The second function that I love with Vimeo and I'm sure other platforms can do but I've only done within Vimeo is Simulated Live Events. Now this great for webinars, this is great for videos where a lot of people watch at the same time in different places. So will do embed that into a site with chat words. It's some kind of a live experience but the video, isn't actually live. Vimeo does a great job of providing a video player that allows for that simulated live broadcast. So, it's not actually live, but it is broadcasting live format. And so I love the way Vimeo functions a lot for that functionality. 

Third Best Vimeo Feature

The third feature that Vimeo just released and announced is Live Streaming. Now they acquired so this is a significant play for Vimeo moving forward. And so Vimeo's power that they always had with their on-demand video content, now integrated with live streaming. I love that Vimeo can now be your all-in-one platform. So I love that Vimeo now offers live streaming as well. 

Fourth Best Vimeo Feature

The fourth thing that I love about Vimeo is its Integrations with its API. And so you can take your video content and distributed it out on other platforms seamlessly through their API. Now, have a TV App development company that I'm partnered with so the way we are unable to take Vimeo accounts and then push those on to TvApp in a seamless way. You can actually organize them all with Vimeo, and its ability to pull your organization from Vimeo into those TvApps because of the great API that they have to allow for customization in wherever is that content is distributed. So I love how Vimeo allows. And this is a back-end function and most won't realize that this is so powerful. But that allows you to distribute your content, in the most seamless way possible outside of Vimeo. 

Fifth Best Vimeo Feature

The fifth function that I really like, with Vimeo is Password Protection. Now, not all your videos have to be password protected. But a lot have you shared a video that you don't want people to share publicly and so can simply put a password for that specific videos that you shared out, and that separately share the password to be able to view that video. That is small but it's a really unique function that's very helpful when you're working on a process of reviewing or sharing a video internally that you don't want to get out publicly. And so I love that simple but powerful function of Password Protection.

Last and Six Best Vimeo Feature

And the final function that not many people are using but I believe a lot of people will use in the future is 360 Video. And this tells me that Vimeo is looking ahead. Vimeo has prepared its platform for the future of video. And I believe they're a lot 360 video will probably never be bigger than standard video as we know it on a flat-screen. They are looking ahead to this developing movement of this 360 video in virtual reality. And so, I love that Vimeo has already gotten ahead and their platform already supports 360 Video and Virtual Reality. So the way to go Vimeo! If you are not a Vimeo subscriber yet, I get no kickback, I just love the platform and highly recommend it. And so highly recommend Vimeo as a great platform for you to host for your own media content. Thank you for reading.