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What is Tumblr?

Hello everybody welcome to the ZeeGuru video downloader for Tumblr website. Today we would like to talk about Tumblr, and what it is? So Tumblr is a platform on which you can share ideas inspire people, and also share gifts or graphics interchange format. It is a great platform for people who are into art or people who are in visual performances or anything that is pleasing to the eye. So you can see all kinds of things that are inspiring you, or you can simply inspire people by your posts and to give you an idea.

Create Your Post On Tumblr

Here is a little pencil icon. You can start creating your own posts and share them with other people, and also there are people who you can follow. It will be very simple to do so you can simply click on follow to follow someone or you can remove them by simply going to your follower's list, and there's a little profile icon. Here you can share and you can see all the likes and the followings that you have.

Remove a person from Subscribe

If you want to remove the person that you have just subscribed to you can simply click on unfollow, and then there's some additional information like settings. You can change and adjust your settings. See what's new help center will assist with any questions that you might have in mind. Some keyboard shortcuts will make your experience more efficient. You can change your palette and adjust the overall theme.

Here is the latest news some messaging some instant chat and then you can simply click on this and start browsing the latest feed. When you click on this icon you go to your home page and see all the people that you follow and their posts. You can add texts, photos, codes, links, chats, audio, and video. So it is a very comprehensive website or a platform that you can express yourself as you can see the idea. Here is to share and see inspiring images that are pleasing to the eye.

If you're a visual artist or graphics designer then you might really like this page. Again it is pretty much like Pinterest but not exactly like Pinterest, because that it has some differences what is great about this? It is more gif-oriented which is the abbreviation for graphics interchange format. You can not only see still images but see moving or short videos like are in the loop which is much more expressive. We believe when you scroll all the way down. You'll be seeing more posts that from the people that you follow until you reach the bottom.

So when you click on the little pencil icon. It will give you a few options to choose from again you can choose to put a text on it or a photo that you can select from your computer. You can choose to go with a code or link simply. You can copy and paste a link that will direct the users to that very link. You can start chatting or you can add audio or video. Let's go with text because it is really simple to do what you need to do is give it a title. Let's call it a test and then also the great option here is that you can also use tags.

Gain more exposure in Tumblr

If you want to gain more exposure. If you want to stand out among your we shouldn't be calling them competitors, because not they're not really competitors, but if you want to stand out among other people or other users and gain credibility. Then we suggest you use some tags and then once you do that you can simply click on a post that will initiate your post as you can see here. You can like them, you can comment on them or you can simply choose to delete them.

So (WYSIWYG) what you see is what you get. It is a very straightforward site that is great for graphics designers painters and all sorts of people whose job has to do with visuals, So you can use this, or Pinterest. But this has its own pros and cons as well as Pinterest, and it is a great way to get inspired and, so this is Tumblr.