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In this blog, I am going to download a chapter of a video on how to build a video-viewing webpage. I am assuming you have already downloaded Youtube and got several videos on how to download free videos. Here are a few of them:

Downloading Open Source Video Downloader

Downloading YouTube Videos

Now let’s download the Hulu Video Downloader in your Github:

cd project.github.com/vloggers/memes/video-downloader.gitconfig

You are going to start by downloading the folder "video-downloader-downloader-subfolder" and put it into the project directory.

cd project.github.com/vloggers/memes/video-downloader.gitconfig

You are going to see something like:

a list of searchable directories and or directories with tuples of files. Note that these will look unique if the directory names are incorrect.

minify the video by names:

name video name 1

This is the folder name for the video file, "minify.ts"


This will show the title and ID of the video in order.


.handle.jpg> .title .info

this is the filename of the entire video. You will need to hit next after the filename to open the file in YouTube or Youtube Pro.


This is a List of the videos in which all users have agreed to upload. This is the typical list of the most common videos on youtube, all users open this file in order.

This will show all the videos in which each user provides a feedback in order to upload a video.

Launch the App in Google Play:

for i in path:

#set timestamp_centerPPID in path

If you want the video to show up on your YouTube or Youtube Pro page:

Copy the file back to your edit directory

zip_h264 (to the main directory)

5. Start the YouTube Page.

6. Delete the video:

Right click on the file name above and "Delete" option will be triggered

Final Step:

If the above step works well for you, you can then open the internet video file in the embedded YouTube player by type youtube-dl into your Google Chrome browser:

Download any Tiktok video on Pendownload TikTok

Now have a try your video if you want your YouTube page to be open for free, just follow the steps below:

If you have learned these steps for first time, kindly let me know so I can include your story. I look forward to reading your next blog!

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