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Tik Tok Video Downloader is one of the free online tools that allow you to download any TikTok video, audio (MP4, MP3) or Without Watermark for free in HD quality with just one click. Our ZeeGuru Tik Tok Video Downloader is all about a free web-based application tool. Download unlimited Tik Tok Videos without any limit or requirement. 

How To Download Tik Tok Videos Online?

Tiktok is the most famous social media app that allows you to watch millions of videos and upload your video as a content creator. If you like some videos and want to download them in your gallery to watch offline. Follow these steps to download easily. 

Step1: Go to Tiktok app or Tiktok.com. 

Step2: Open the video and click on the share button.

Step3: Select Copy Video URL. And comeback on ZeeGuru Tik Tok Video Downloader.

Step4: Or search on Google "ZeeGuru". Paste the URL on the given input field.

Step5: Press the "Download" button. Choose the video quality.

Step6: Or choose option 1. MP4 Video or 2. MP3 audio.

Step7: Your video starts downloading and save on your gallery or given path.

Note: If your video is not downloading or through some error. Kindly check the video URL. Again try to copy the URL and download it. If your problem is not solved. Kindly Contact Us, We will update our system. Thank You


What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is the new social video up-making app. In some serious way, Well tik tok is kind of like a new incarnation of that except. It's got a few more features, and it's a Chinese-owned stand-out that being a creative delight and amazing, users can share 15-second videos of themselves doing well anything. But some of the most common themes are lip-synching, dancing, and comedic skits filters music and animations are all part of the apps. Like most social media apps you can follow your favorites and like and comment you can also a live stream, and it's easy to repost content on other platforms.

Most users are 24 and under I actually think the vibe on tik tok is quite positive. It feels a bit cheerful feels a bit earnest even sometimes unlike maybe your Twitter's. It's a bit less cynical but that might really have to do with the age of the people using the app. Last year Chinese technology company by stance bought the app musically, and in August it was rebranded as a tik tok that saw downloads double worldwide in China. It's known as doing where there are around 400 million monthly active users that's nearly 3 in every 10 people.

There's an individual focus type of platform broadcasting yourself to the world. I think here in Australia we're really familiar with this idea from YouTube and Instagram. Creating an impression of yourself and selling it to the world or tik tok. Lets you do that in a really professional way because it comes with all these animation tools and ways to think yourself to the music. It can make anybody even if you've got no video skills and look halfway decent. So, I can see why it might appeal to China, but also the rest of us as well a big Doyon had already received plenty of attention in the West earlier this year when it blocked content related to Peppa Pig with claims the children's character had become a subculture icon memes like Karma's have also gone viral.

Tiktok Popularity On WorldWide

Tik Tok is getting massive global traction in the first half of this year. It was the number one download in the App Store worldwide beating out other behemoths like YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook, and that trend has continued in the second half of 2018. There are nearly a billion global active monthly users from around 150 countries outside of China. Most of them come from the US around 2 percent are from Australia. I think we've heard of a lot in recent years about that narrative of Chinese tech developers going to America wherever else and copying and taking those products back to China and creating a new version of it.

This is an interesting reversal of that because it's kind of like China is starting to export these technologies of course. We buy a lot of Chinese manufacturing goods in the technology space. But this is interesting because it's an exporting of Chinese culture major celebrities like American talk show host Jimmy Fallon have jumped on the bandwagon to further fuel. Its popularity encouraging fans to participate in the app's challengers feature. So, I came up with one of my own called the tumbleweed challenge, and I asked you guys to make videos of yourselves dropping to the ground and rolling around like a tumbleweed. Every time you hear this to get things started Tarik, and I made one take a look at the video, we made fringe videos also have huge widespread appeal with compilations of painful or embarrassing tik tok Clips racking up millions of views across other platforms.

Australians are finding a bit of fame and fortune on the app to the Perth-based. Rybka twins have more than 4 million fans on tik tok. Thanks to their dance and acrobatic routines, Katia Gleason has 2.6 million followers with her content focused on music and skits, and it will be interesting to see to like YouTube. Whether a career on tik tok can be monetized in the same way of course on YouTube. You can run ads against your content and make money on tik tok.

Make Money With Tiktok

There is a way of making money through live streams. So viewers can attach their credit card to the app essentially by emoji and send them to their favorite live streamers, and who can then convert it back into cash. So, this is really the key way to making money on tik tok at the moment and it's clearly working its revenue has more than tripled in the past year, and that's excluding Android devices. It's also trying out other revenue streams in September. Tik Tok teamed up with guests to run a campaign called a hashtag in my denim for its first-ever branded content piece in the US that something Dorian has been doing for a while paid partnerships with social media influencers could also be on the cards soon.


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