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Streamable Video Downloader is a free online tool that allows you to download streamable videos for free in HD quality. Just go to streamable and copy-paste the video link. com on zeeguru streamable video downloader and download any video for free. ZeeGuru Streamable downloader is a free and open-source web application. Use any time and anywhere. provide unlimited downloads in HD or SD quality. 


How To Use Streamable

Streamable is a free website and a free tool that allows you to edit previously recorded videos down to a few seconds a few minutes. ( Streamable Video Downloader ) Crop them for different social media sites take out sound host the videos and share the videos. It's a great free tool for you to use when you're working with video. So, let's get started. 
This is what they call the dashboard of as you can see it says select videos to upload or paste URL or you can upload a video from there. So I'm going to go ahead and use videos that I've shot that are already edited and finished on The other one I shot on my phone so this is an example of something that you would potentially do shoot a video on your phone, and then possibly edit it you have it on your desktop.

( Streamable Video Downloader ) I'm just dragging and dropping this anywhere and streamable will upload it to their site again. This is a free tool and if you want to upgrade for more. You can just be signed up for the free membership and it allows me to do quite a bit with just the free option. So the video has been uploaded as you can see there is already a link for it. If you want to share it with somebody again you can share it easily. 
So here is the link now you would just copy it and the link would be on your clipboard. if you went to something and you would right-click and do paste it would be there as well. If we click on edit video here it starts to play the video for us the next thing. ( Streamable Video Downloader ) I want to talk about it so we can pause it just to make sure that we're in the right spot and our options here are to crop it. So let's say I just wanted just part of my face in there I could crop it like this. Let's say I want this video for some type of you to know social media so I'd want to crop it in the shape of a square for Facebook or Instagram.
Let's say there was something over here on the left that was personal and I didn't want to keep that in there I could crop that outcrop to the left. I just want this other side on here I can crop that and I can put some text over here. It allows you to really shape it to the way that you want to sometimes there might be a title or text at the bottom. ( Streamable Video Downloader ) I can take that out or some logos or something on the left and right that could be taken out as well with this crop tool. 
But we're going to just bring it back to where it was and we're going to cut out the pauses and mistakes that I made and just come up with a regular video. All right so we're just gonna bring that back and we're gonna remove the crop because we didn't want to crop anything. I just wanted to show you that as an example and so we want to play the video from the beginning and I see that I started talking about its sound ( Streamable Video Downloader ).

A few mistakes about ( Streamable )

There are a few things that you could do to decrease and kind of make a mistake. So I'm going to scroll forward so we want to scroll this forward to the spot where I'm looking at my camera and smiling the next thing. 
I want to talk about is sound there are a few so then there at the end I finish what I'm saying and now I move forward to turn off the camera. ( Streamable Video Downloader ) We want to crop that part out because we don't want to show it the next thing. I want to talk about is sound there are a few things you could do to decrease the noise also turn off your ac while you're doing your video. The next thing I want to do is just press save and start processing my video.
We can play that the next thing I want to talk about is sound. There are a few things you could do to decrease the noise coming into your phone close any doors or windows that might be bringing noise from the outside. Turn off any ceiling fans that might be making noise and also turn off your ac while you're doing your video. The next thing I want to talk about what I needed to take out and what I needed to leave in again right. Here you can change the name. So let's name this sound reduction and because I'm talking about reducing the noise when you're shooting a video with your phone here you can copy it and here you can grab a link. ( Streamable Video Downloader ) That you can embed this video and that means placing it on a website or on some other platform for you to use again.

How To Edit Streamable Video 

We can go back to edit video and make changes let's say I just decided I only want this for social media and I'm going to use it you know on Facebook or Instagram so I want to crop it like this then the next thing I want to say I'm still talking about sound. But I can turn off the sound if I want to don't need the sound or I could put the sound back on the outside. Turn off any ceiling and let's go ahead, and save those changes sound. 
There are a few things you could do to decrease the noise coming into your phone. So as you can see it has cropped the video and it's only that square that I chose and it's showing it in 720 HD quality I believe that if you upgrade you can get a higher HD quality into 4k. ( Streamable Video Downloader ) That is another option that you could do other options. You have here is to edit the thumbnail again. It is a hosting website so you can host the video on here, but this thumbnail is a little off you know I don't look great. Let's go and choose a better one like that one or upload an image similar to how you do it on youtube ( Streamable Video Downloader ). 
But I'm just gonna choose this one save changes so now I'm smiling in my thumbnail and here it also gives you analytics similar to youtube you can see how many people have viewed it where people drop off and stop watching different things like that and privacy as well whether. You want the video to be private or only share it with those specific people that you want to see the video and best of all it allows you to download the video. Once you're finished editing it and doing those changes you can just download it straight from the website and it gives it to you in an mp4 file, and that will be in your downloads.
Once you've finished downloading it okay, we're going to go back to the dashboard, which is this front page and we are going to paste a URL. ( Streamable Video Downloader ) So I'm going to use a video that I've already shot. We're going to click on share and this is a blog that I did on how to use the retouch app to edit photos. So we're going to go to the dashboard again and we're going to right-click and paste the tutorial I'm going to be going over the touch retouch app. It recognizes my video from youtube and I can share it. We're gonna go ahead and edit this so let's say perhaps. 
I want to show the portion of the video where I'm actually using the app. This is where I start and I just want to crop just that part, because I just want to use this maybe I want to share this with somebody like hey this is how you know. You learn how to use the retouch app. I just want to show you this quick video to learn. How to use it so nothing informal. ( Streamable Video Downloader ) We're just going to do that so I've cropped it to the frame of the phone so this is the living room and as you can see there's a little tour right here on the left-hand side, We're going to zoom in by using both of our fingers so this tutorial you know walks you through. How to use the app? let's say you start from the beginning and you don't want to use the ending you know the end close here right. We want to take that out so we just want to finish with that part right there right before I come back on screen so probably right there and we have sound on this video.

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