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ZeeGuru is a free PuhuTV Video Downloader software that runs in the background and allows you to download or convert online videos for your enjoyment. You can also use it to convert any format video into MP3 music files. The videos are downloaded in the background so that you can still listen to streaming audio, even while you work on other things. 

A free PuhuTV Video Downloader. ZeeGuru makes it fast and easy to download TV series, movies, and sports videos from Puhutv.com, all you need to do is copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download and hit the Enter key. ZeeGuru will make sure your download is completed successfully.

The ZeeGuru software has been designed to be extremely user-friendly for new users but also includes many advanced features for tech-savvy users. By adding the ZeeGuru downloader to your browser toolbar it will automatically detect when you are watching a media file on the internet and identify the correct video format so downloading is easy.

What is PuhuTV?

PuhuTV is a software platform designed to deliver TV and content to users all in one place. The idea behind PuhuTV starts off with the realization that we watch far too much television. We didn't want to spend our time in front of the TV watching mindless broadcasts and wished there was something better and more engaging than reading the TV Guide for what would be on later; hence the concept for PuhuTV.

 PuhuTV is one of the world's first community-based television applications. PuhuTV allows you to create, watch, vote for and subscribe to HD video channels that are streamed directly from other people's phones using WiFi or by using data on their cellular data plans. Puhu TV is a mobile application that allows you to watch and stream thousands of movies and tv shows from around the world. Our selection includes new releases, famous blockbusters, and critically acclaimed films that you know and love. Puhu TV is constantly updated with both new content and features. Try it out! There's no charge.

More about PuhuTV?

Puhu.TV is a news, sports, and TV-Shows streaming site. We are focused on offering our viewers the best content possible. We also want our viewers to be able to access that content differently, which is why we have created this platform.
Puhu.TV is a video on demand (VOD), so as long as you are connected to the internet, you can watch our content. This is different from traditional streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, which stream content as it is being broadcast, making you wait through commercials.
Puhu.TV also differs from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video websites because you only pay for the content you want, not the entire site.
Puhu.TV is FREE, so all you need to do is create a Puhu.TV account, sign in and you can find all the videos you want. No more commercials, no more waiting.
Puhu.TV also gives you the option to purchase live events, so you will have access to the content you want when you want it.
Puhu.TV is also optimized for mobile viewing, which means you can take Puhu.TV with you wherever you go.

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