How To Use Pinterest Video Downloader?

Pinterest video downloader is very simple and easy to use. Pinterest does not allow you to download videos, Therefore ZeeGuru gives you a free online tool that allows you to unlimited Pinterest videos downloader for free in HD quality with just one click. These are the following steps to download any Pinterest video.

  1. Go to and select the video which you want to download. 
  2. Open the video and download the video link on the given top Google search bar. It must be remembered that copy the exact URL of the Otherwise website through error. So, copy the video URL just Like this. ( ). Or ( ).
  3. Come back to ZeeGuru Pinterest Video Downloader and paste the video URL on the above-given input field. Press the Download button.
  4. Choose the video quality and then the video is directly saved on your PC, Mobile, or tablet. 

Why Use ZeeGuru Pinterest Video Downloader?

ZeeGuru is one of the best Free Online Pinterest Video Downloader which allows you to download unlimited videos for free in HD, SD, MP3, GIF, With and Without voice video, and much more features. ZeeGuru provides you 41 Videos, Images, and MP3 Downloader. These are all video downloaders that are high quality and easy to use. Pinterest video downloader also includes in this video downloaders section. 

Is ZeeGuru Pinterest Video Downloader Is Safe?

Yes, ZeeGuru Pinterest Video Downloader is safe and very useful. In fact our all video downloader is safe and secure. We know your privacy is very important more than our website. 

Is Pinterest Video Downloader Is Legal?

No, it's not a legal way. If you can download Pinterest video and use it without this video owner's permission. It's copyright and we will not suggest you use any copyright videos because it's very dangerous for you and your business. if you want to use video kindly first take the permission of the video owner then use it freely. otherwise, this is a risky job. 

Whose Devices are Compatible?

Every device is compatible with PC (Mac, Windows), Android ( Any Version), Apple (Any Version), And all other devices because if you have an internet connection you can access our ZeeGuru Pinterest downloader website at any time and anywhere.

How To Download Pinterest Video Using Mobile Phone?

Just simply go to the Pinterest app or website. Copy the video URL/Link and Go to and search Zeeguru click on the first ZeeGuru Pinterest Downloader link And Paste the link on the given input field and click the download button. The website says you to give the video download path Because the video is directly saved on your Mobile phone in the given path or Folder.

How To Download Pinterest Video Using PC?

This is a very simple step that we gave in the first paragraph. Our website is compatible with every PC. And this Downloading step is the same as we discuss in the Mobile phone section. You must be read. Click here.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an American Based Social media app/website. In which you can get more Images, GIFs, Amazing videos in the form of Pins. Pinterest is also a discovery area that gives you a better idea like decoration, Home decor, recipes, Styles, and much more. 

If you can create a logo but still you have no idea your mind is empty there is a way to find the best ideas simple go to Pinterest and search Logo they will show you the amazing Pins. And more other ideas are finding easily. Peoples can find ideas for their business.  

Pinterest is one of the famous Social network websites which allows you to share and download unlimited images is good quality. Pinterest is created in 2010 and for some years this is the no 1 popular social media application/ website. You can get more facilities. If you want to download any poster you can download it with good quality. 

If you need a logo search on the Pinterest search bar and find amazing Logos. Need a poster search poster and get unlimited eye-catching posters. Find unlimited background images and much more. 

How to download the Pinterest app?

The Pinterest app is compatible in every. Pinterest app downloading is 100M+. You want to download Pinterest, Simply go to the google play store and find Pinterest just typing on the search bar. You can see the first Pinterest official app which installation is 100M+. Download this app and wait for complete downloading. 

How to log in to Pinterest?

Pinterest allows you to login in three ways.

  1. Log in with Facebook.
  2. Log in with your Google account.
  3. And Also Log in by Email.

You must be Log in to your Google account Because it is an easy and very fast step. Just click on the Google Login, Access the permissions, and now Pinterest automatically fetches your information Without asking you. Just Create your account for some basic details and start using the Pinterest app. 

How To Upload Pins/Picture On Pinterest

Now I am going to show you how to upload pictures on Pinterest. It is so easy to do let's read these steps to upload a picture in your Pinterest ID. First of all login to your Pinterest to count this is my Pinterest tidy home page. Click the search icon. Watch that feed, oh this is so nice bracelet. ( Pinterest Video Downloader ) I want this now I download these pictures and search this bracelet for free time to download pictures. Click on the 3 dot copy link and download pictures to our ZeeGuru Pinterest Video Downloader. 
Okay to upload pictures go to your profile page by clicking my profile icon, and you will see some board and pins are posted. Now you upload pictures click the plus sign left top, and click to pin allow Pinterest to access pictures, media, and files on your device. Find your pictures in selected then touch the next red button. Then give your PIN title. Now add some descriptions then click Next. Here choose the board where your pin will appear. I already created some board before I choose the tricks board for this image. Click on the tricks board. These are the pictures which save here all done.

5 Things You Didn't Know About PINTEREST

Today we're looking at 15 things you didn't know about Pinterest. Today we revealing some interesting lesser-known facts about super-successful American tech company Pinterest in December 2009. Ben Silbermann Evan sharp and Paul sayonara started working on their idea for a site that would allow users to make collections of images that reflect their preferences. The products they love Silverman's girlfriend came up with the name of Pinterest, and the site launched first as a closed beta in March of 2010. ( Pinterest Video Downloader ) Then opened the site up to an invitation-only basis the users are given the ability to save pictures, organize them on different boards, purchase products and follow other boards of people with similar preferences. 
In 2011 Pinterest was listed among Time Magazine's 50 best websites it now brings in hundreds of millions in revenue per year, and it's one of the most successful private tech companies in the world because it's one of the top tech companies worldwide and has achieved massive success in terms of user engagement revenue user growth and referral traffic. So it's time now to take a closer look at this tech giant with the 15 things you didn't know about Pinterest. 

1. Pinterest was inspired by a failed app before helping to co-found. Pinterest Paul Sierra and Ben Silbermann were solely focused on creating an app called a tote. The idea behind the app was that users could search for one item, and get an instant personalized catalog that combined items from a variety of websites, and retailers they were able to secure funding and launch the app with high hopes. But it never quite made it off the ground at the time in 2008. People weren't really embracing apps as an avenue for shopping one thing the developers did notice was that. 
People were saving pictures of the products. They liked forming collections of their preferences this gave them an idea for a website that would allow people to make collections of things. They liked and soon after Pinterest was born. 

2. It's the tenth most valuable private tech company in the world when it comes to private tech companies. Uber is king with a valuation of 69 point nine (69.9) billion dollars. A little further down the list is Pinterest which comes in at number ten was a valuation that is slightly more than twelve (12) billion dollars. ( Pinterest Video Downloader ) It comes right behind the Chinese discount platform pin duo within that worth of fifteen (15) billion dollars, and slightly ahead of the ride-sharing company left with a valuation of eleven (11) points seven billion dollars. Other tech companies in the top ten include Space we work and Airbnb.

3.  It only had ten thousand (10000) users nine months after the launch. Silberman was not pleased with the slow rate of growth after the launch of Pinterest. Both Instagram and Pinterest were launched in 2010, and Instagram got 1 million users in just four months' time, while Pinterest only gained a few thousand in the same time period. After nine months the site only had 10,000 users. However, thankfully the slow growth didn't last and the very next year. Pinterest was listed as one of the top ten largest social network services with 11 million total hits per week.

4.  Visits to the Pinterest website increased 4,000 percent in six months. Pinterest started out as a slow burn, but eventually the popularity of the site ignited, and Pinterest was on fire in June 2011. Pinterest was getting about two hundred and seventy-five thousand visitors per week, but just six months later. Pinterest was pulling in a total of 11 million visitors every single week ( Pinterest Video Downloader ). 

A 4,000 percent increase in just six months' time was also bringing retailers more referral traffic than YouTube, Linked In. and Google+. A big turning point in the company was when Andres saw Horowitz a four billion dollar, venture capital firm made a twenty-seven million dollar investment in the company at a two hundred million dollar valuation in 2011. This gave them the funding necessary to establish a proper office in Palo Alto California. 

5. Pinterest was valued at twelve point three billion dollars back in 2017. As we just mentioned Pinterest received investment at a two hundred million dollar valuation in 2011. In 2014 it was valued at five billion dollars. This figure jumped significantly by 2015 when the company raised three hundred and sixty-seven million dollars in financing at an eleven billion-dollar valuation in 2017. An additional 150 million dollars in the capital was raised at a twelve-point three billion-dollar valuation in total. The company has been given more than 1.4 billion dollars in capital investments.

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