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1. Note: It must be remembered that copy the video URL from the top search bar. Then ZeeGuru Imgur downloader works faster and better. 

2. Simply go to and select the video which you want to download. 

3. Copy the video URL from the top Google search bar and come back to the zeeguru Imgur Downloader and paste the video URL on the given input field. 

4. Select the video quality and click on the download button. 

5. You provided video is directly save on your gallery without any recommendation.

ZeeGuru Imgur Downloader is a free online web-based application tool that allows you to download any Imgur videos for free. 

What is Imgur?

It's part of human nature to want to feel part of a community and feel a sense of belonging in the last decade or so online communities have emerged. As a place for people to connect around a variety of topics. No matter where they are in the world this year for Chan founder. Chris Mull joined Google to reportedly work on the company's social products 4chan an image-based bulletin board is the site that epitomizes the good the bad and the absolute worst of communities of people on the Internet.

Then, of course, there is which has its own share of issues and questionable content. But online communities aren't all bad Facebook. You could say is an online community of the entire world within the Facebook platform groups like people establish their own smaller communities around things. Like minorities in tech social justice and polyamory three types of groups that I am personally involved in meanwhile slack has emerged as a way for people to accomplish.

Basically the same thing with people creating slack channels to keep in touch with others with similar interests. Whether we like it or not communities of all types of people are forming on the Internet. We have Sarah Shaw head of community and Imgur to talk with us about building and maintaining successful online communities. Imgur is one of the most popular sites on the internet toting over a hundred and fifty million unique monthly visitors.

Imgur's ( Imgur Downloader ) mission is to surface the most entertaining content that includes images gifts and memes. Of course as head of community, Sarah Shaw is tasked with looking after Imgur growing user base who refers to her as the queen of Imgur Sarah. Thanks for coming in today so online communities do we need to call them online communities or are they just communities at this point I think there's definitely both there are communities forming in real life.

There are communities forming online and oftentimes. They've merged together and they become one. So but are these not just real-life communities then I think at this point people are finding their people and finding their homes online and online communities. Give people a place where they can be vulnerable or where they can inform a should share with like-minded people and it's sort of a place. Where maybe they have not found that in real life okay.

Therefore, they're able to identify online a little bit better and are you seeing these online communities then actually showing up in real life, and I guess my real life. I mean face to face in person right definitely I think a lot of times at least for me and my personal experience.

I have sort of found my people with (Imgur Downloader) online and now I have met them in real life and we've done events with them and I hang out with them and some of my best friends have come from that community and the two worlds merge a lot. It's actually really cool one of the things that I think people struggle with as far as online communities are not based around a product is you know your product is always changing.

You always want to build new features and the community that is a part of that product loves it so much like again. They feel like that is its home and so when you change something without bringing them into the fold. It's going to be really tough to bring them on board and there might be sort of like some clash so you definitely want to spend a ton of time in there with them bring them into betas doing surveys.

Whatever you can to get to know those people so that they can be your ambassadors as you make changes to your products. How do you go about moderating Commons and just taking into account things that might come up like harassment in those communities?

Yeah, it's definitely important to have a vision for your community as you're creating it and if you don't want it to be a place for harassment. You should set guidelines and be the change you want to see in your community essentially what are your thoughts on verified profiles in these online communities.


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