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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms where you can share images and videos in your daily life. But here something is missing "online Facebook video downloader" when using it to download any Facebook video for free. Facebook has more than 4 billion active users. So, you already know the popularity of Facebook. But they are also growing by the day to reach Korean users and build strong relationship platforms. Facebook has a mission to connect peoples with upload sharing images and videos. They provide free accounts.

How To Download Online Facebook Videos For Free?

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Zee Guru Free Online Facebook Video Downloader

Zee Guru is a web-based application where you can download any video. We provide you the best online video downloader. They have 41 downloaders, So you cannot go anywhere to download different website videos. Our mission is to giving you all video downloaders in one place. So here also available our online Facebook video downloader for free. 

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How to use an Online FB downloader

Our Online fbdownloader is very simple to use or download videos from Facebook.

  1. Just copy the video link from Facebook.
  2. Open and paste here in the given link box.
  3. Press the download button.
  4. Now select the quality of the video you want to download.
  5. Then the video is automatically saved to your gallery in a few seconds.

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Is There any Limit To Download Videos?

No, there is no limit to download videos, because we offer unlimited free online downloads in HD quality.


Online Facebook Video Downloader HD

If you want to download HD videos, Simply copy the video link and paste it over here and select the HD quality to download the video. Our Online Facebook video downloader is free and easy to use. But they also show other qualities like 720p. Now it's your choice that which quality you like to save FB videos.



Explain Facebook In Simple English


Facebook in simple English. In 2004 Mark Zuckerberg Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes three Harvard University students launched a website. Designed to put students in touch with one another. Share their photos and meet new people. They called it and before long the site became extremely popular on the Harvard campus a month after the site launched. The creators expanded it to include students from Stanford Columbia and Yale.

But 2005 students in eight hundred college networks across the United States could join the network and its membership grew to more than five million active users in August of that year. The site's name changed to Facebook was originally intended for college students. But today anyone can join the network. Although the site's scope has expanded to include more than just students. Its purpose remains the same giving people a way to share information easily and entertainingly. Like my space, Facebook is a social networking site to explore Facebook.

Create Free Facebook Account

You must create a free account on the site Facebook's Terms of Use. State that members must be at least 13 years old and any member between the ages of 13 and 18 must be enrolled in school Facebook requires new members to provide a valid email address before completing registration. Once you've created an account and answered a few questions about where you work? where you went to school? and where you live? Facebook will generate a profile for you. Facebook provides several ways to find friends.

You can browse and join networks organized into four categories: networks linked to specific cities or countries colleges workplaces, and high schools. Once you join a network you can browse through the list of members and search for people you know you can sort people by age, sex, relationship status, political views, and other criteria. You can let Facebook pull content from web-based email accounts to do this. You have to give Facebook your email address and secret password.

Facebook utilizes a program that quests through your email contacts and analyzes the rundown against its enrollment information base at whatever point. Facebook finds a match it gives you the choice to add that individual as a companion. You can utilize a Facebook web crawler to search for a particular individual sort the individual's name into the search field, and Facebook will display any profiles that match the name a few facts were you guys on Facebook and its rapid growth.

Facebook Total Users

Facebook has more than 400 million dynamic clients.  Half of the dynamic clients sign on to Facebook at whatever day a normal client has 130 companions individuals go through more than 500 billion minutes out of every month on Facebook. There are over 160 million objects that people interact with such as page groups and events. The average user is connected to 60 pages groups and events. The average user creates 70 pieces of content. Each month and more than 25 billion pieces of content web links news stories blog post notes photo albums and the like are shared every month. As you can see Facebook has changed the way we connect and share information. Watch Youtube Video


Difference Between Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Profiles

Hey, Today I'm going to clarify the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile. So if you have a Facebook profile which you likely do that's what you set up when you set up your Facebook account. So you go to and you set up your profile. A profile is primarily used for your friends and family and to communicate with them post your family photos your vacation photos and just interact and keep up your relationships with friends. You haven't seen for a long time that's the purpose of your profile.

A Facebook page is for your business that's where you promote your business your product your brand.  It's primarily for your business to build relationships with your clients and let people know what you're up to in your business. So a Facebook page is indexed by Google so you're going to get in the search engines with it as well as you can build applications into your page. You can really reflect your brand through different graphics and different applications as well as video and photos. So there's a lot of rich applications you can add to your page here's the deal I always tell my clients do the 8020 rule on their Facebook profile. 80% of your communication should be about relationships in your personal life and building those relationships with your friends and family 20%.

You can talk about your business let people know what's going on in the business world for you. But just not blatant promotion you want to be careful of that on your Facebook page. You want 80% about business promoting your business building relationships letting people know what type of business you're doing, and what's going on in your business 20% on your business page can be about your personal life. Everyone wants to know who you are they don't want to buy from a brand or a logo they want to buy from you.

So you still want to infuse about 20% of your personal life and let people know what's going on and what you're all about as well, so do the 8020 rule whether you're using your profile or your page, and you're pretty much gonna be safe. If you follow those rules. Just remember this a lot of people don't know that it's actually against Facebook rules to promote your business on your Facebook profile. So you want to be really careful with that and don't want to get suspended on Facebook. Stick to family and friends on your profile business on your Facebook page, and you're good to go if you like this tip.

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Why Facebook is So Popular?

These are five reasons why Facebook is so popular, 

No #1. Easiness in communication in the modern world that entire one has to do in order to communicate with someone. At the other end of the planet is pick up a smartphone and enter the Facebook application or website communication was never easier than it is today. Facebook has managed to connect people from all around the world, and literally gave them the power of communication in the palm of their hands.

No #2. User-friendly nature and better interface. Facebook is the easiest to use website, and even a small 14 years old can easily understand all the features that are included on the website. One can text comments like posts of others with just a click of the mouse. So this is the most prominent reason for the website gaining worldwide popularity the build, and look of the website are also very attractive which gives the user a more superior interface to work on. You can easily find his or her friends follow celebrities' messages and chatting with the new features. Even call a friend all these power-packed features which are fitted in such a light web site makes it more advantageous than its competitors.

No #3. Entertaining informative and personal Facebook is so popular. Because it combines two aspects of common web surfing with an interpersonal element. In this age, facebook contains informative content covering every possible global national, or local issue. While at the same time entertains its users with memes video games and other applications. In fact people today tend to initially reach some of the most significant news through Facebook and not originally informative media platforms. As a result of the social media sites' immense traffic so it acts as a boredom killer.

No #4. Source of information apart from being a networking website that joins people. Facebook is also an immense source of information through which the users can read news and posts about all the incidents that are happening all over the world. They can also present their opinion about a topic and initiate a discussion with others on a topic. Therefore, Facebook serves multiple purposes.

No #5. Find old friends also one of the major reasons behind the acceptance of Facebook is that with the network of Facebook growing huge. We can contact our old friends from school and college and chat with them. We just have to know the name of the concerned person in a Facebook search engine we can easily find him or her.