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Just go to Dailymotion and select the video which you need to download. Copy the video link from the share button and right-click on the video or also copy the link on the top of the google search bar.

Come back on zeeguru.com and paste the link. Press the download button and your video is started downloading.

And directly saved on your gallery.

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Read more about what is Dailymotion and how to create a channel.

What is Dailymotion And How to download Dailymotion videos?

So as we all know the emotion is one of the most popular videos hosting platforms and the number of its users is increasing every day. That's why we decided to show you how to create an account on this platform and start your channel and of course getting revenue from this platform. As we have been doing with YouTube and this platform was established or was launched on 15 March 2005. Dailymotion Downloader Video Moreover, it is located in Paris France and it receives more than 120 million visitors every month.

How to create an account on Dailymotion?

So let's get into work and start our account. First of all, you need to head on to the home page. This is the default home page of Dailymotion. In order to customize this home page and start your favorites and start using all the different options. You need to sign in for first of all create an account in order to use all the features. So what we need to do is to head on to sign in. We have three options whether to sign in with Facebook, Google, Gmail, or sign in with your email, and start a separate account.

Let's sign up. Continue with email by clicking continue. Of course, we agree to the Terms of Use and privacy policy. Let's click on it so at the top You just type in your email and select a strong password should include one letter, one number, one special character and must be longer than 8 characters or a minimum of 8 characters, So let's paste in our password. Ok, that's done, and next click on continue. Before creating your account here have a message that Dailymotion will collect data of your research. You must accept these regulations in order to benefit from all the tools. So accepting the cookies.

You can see our account has been created successfully let's head on to set as you can see this is our profile. You can manage it change your name, you can specify your birth date, gender, and click on update. Now that our account has been updated.

How to Create a Dailymotion channel?

We need to create a channel in order to be able to upload videos. Let's go to the button click on partners. Okay so now what we need to do is just to create a channel. You just had on to upload in here and as you can see you should first create a username, and verify your email should be a highlight at the top. Let's first create the username. Set click on verify that's it so they have sent a verification email to your inbox. Just check in your email and click on the link which will be provided for verification.

We have received a mail what we need to do is to click on email validation in order to upload the video to Dailymotion. So your email has been refined now you can approve the new video or start new channels. After verifying your account you will be redirected to the partner headquarter by clicking on upload. So let's click on upload that's it you can drag and drop or select your video. You can have an idea about the video specs 60 minutes maximum per video and to joke about maximum per file supports up to 4k and supports almost all format of video or common formats.

All we need to do now is to head on to partner at the bottom. Click on it next we need to click on become a partner wait until the page loads great that's it the Terms of Use. But you need first to agree upon it in order to proceed read it or just skip it.

Dailymotion Channel Settings

So this is the dashboard of your channel that can upload videos. This is it not see your photo or avatar must be 160 / 160 in order to be accepted. After uploading your avatar, you can also upload your cover background for your channel, which must be a minimum of 1920 by 1080. Just consider the sizes in order to be accepted. Otherwise, your image will not be approved as the message. What we have here? Now you select the language of your channel in which language the video will be country. Social media links. Just type in the next we have the channel name tagline and description custom URL. Select on your website Dailymotion Downloader Video. I search for this we are done HTTP in other media that come okay. After filling in all the details the channel name tag line description challenge URL your website etc.

Now it's time to create the channel just go to the bottom here and click on create. Wait few seconds that's it so as you can see our channel is created successfully and now we can start uploading videos to our channel. You just hit upload at the top you can drop drag and drop up to 10 files or videos. Just select the files that you want honest so this for the upload also we have analytics to show you statistics in your channel .can also monetize your website. Because you have just created it so it's still fresh video monetization for the videos for your channel.

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