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What is Bitchute?

In this blog. We're going to talk about this video marketing platform which is called Bitchute. So If you're doing any kind of video marketing for any kind of business. This can be beneficial for you, and it can bring you more visits to your business. So this app/website here works just like Youtube you can prepare your videos, and then upload them to this platform Bitchute. You can also customize your video titles, descriptions, and meta tags, and keywords. You can also upload a thumbnail for your videos as you see here all these are thumbnails for the videos, and these videos are on the first page on the website. So you have, this is the category where include is all the popular videos.

Create Account On Bitchute

Here you can see only the videos that you are subscribed to, but right now I'm not logged in Bitchute. You will see the trending videos. Now when you come the first time to the Bitchute you'll have to register an account. If you look at the top on the right-hand side. You can see the login and register buttons. So you click on register and then all you have to do is follow the process, and if you already have an account. You just log into your account.

So created an account before and created the channel there, and if click here on my icon here and click here this is the name of my channel. How to work like on YouTube. I'll be here on my channel so you uploaded three videos so far this one got 43 views 14 views and 21 views. So this one was uploaded on the 27th of august like two weeks. Before this is the about section of the channel and these are some settings like the description, the category, the content sensible sensitivity, etc. When you create a channel you'll be able to customize all these fields.

Promoting Your Brand On Bitchute

So one of the things that are cool with this platform (Bitchute) is that the links are shown and they are clearly apparent just next to the video. If you're promoting your business on Bitchute. It will be very very easy to click on your links, and also if try to read a video or to watch a video I will see that also the links and wow just mean I'm talking about this video, But didn’t look at this number here 45 000 almost 46 000 subscribers and at this 7 000 views and it has been this video has been released today the 7th September.

This means that there is a potential and if you want to upload your own video you go to that icon here upload a new video and then you will be able to enter the title, the description, the content sensitivity, and then the thumbnail, and then you can upload the video as well. So this is the first page of the app when you are logged in. You can see the popular videos here and you can see that there are lots of videos that got lots of views. Now I'm not subscribed to any channel on the platform yet so this is why when I click here to see only my videos, and here you can see the trending videos. So I think it's a good thing if you go and take a look at this platform and upload your videos there.

Since you're already doing the work on YouTube. This platform will be a plus and it will bring you more visitors to your business. This was a quick overview of

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