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What is Bandcamp? Bandcamp To MP3 Download.

All right, So here we are on the Bandcamp-powered site for 20 minutes loop. You can see that it's super clean. They've got their discography running down the right-hand side. Nice big cover art a custom header graphic and the track listing and liner notes for their latest album. Fans can stream the album from here by clicking the play button and you can see the yellow bar fills up as the track buffers and playback is nice and zippy. Now let's say, I want to get more information about this track called mercury vapor. 

I click it and now I'm on its track page where I can play it read its liner notes lyrics or downloaded bends decided to make this particular track free and available at the highest quality. So when I open the download menu, I see all the various formats we offer there are 4 flavors mp3 AAC of flack and Apple Lossless. You upload a single lossless audio file and then we take care of doing all those conversions for you here's another track. The 20-minute loop has decided to charge for giving away the 128k mp3 but letting fans name their price for the higher-quality formats setting that up is totally easy in Van Camp. 

I'll show you how to do that in just a minute so let's go ahead and start that track downloading. All right well one thing that drives me crazy is when I go to a band site download a track and end up with a file name something like master three final mp3 and has no cover art and no information about who it's by or what album it's from. So we decided to just take care of that for you as you build out your site on Bandcamp. We keep all the metadata of the downloadable tracks up to date. So check it out I'll tab over to my desktop where that file was saved to get info on it and there's the cover art track name album title artist year, and you can see that all of that just sales and tie tunes for me.
Now let's jump back over to the track page and next to download. You can see that I can also share this track with my friends. I can email or I Emmett post it to Facebook or myspace or embed it on my blog. Let's choose MySpace and here's a preview of what the player will look like. I just have to copy-paste this code and I'm good to go now everything you've seen so far has been from the fans' perspective. So let's take a look at a few things from the band's point of view. We're now on the 20-minute loops stats page where they can view their plays. We call buzz and downloads and slice all that by year month week and so on. This shows the total number of plays for each of their tracks and even breaks down those plays by whether. They were complete partial or just a skip let's sort by complete plays and this helps them figure out which tracks their fans are really into versus say which ones were just getting plays.  Because they happen to be the first track on the record. 
Now let's go over to buzz this shows all the places out there on the web where people are linking to their music and it even shows all the places where that music has been embedded. So this gives them an easy way to better engage their fans. For example, you can see that the track Winsor McCay is getting some visitors from a site called film cow. Let's just click that link and here on some corner of the web that the band has probably never heard of are people talking about their music. 
They can now join in that discussion mention. They've got a new record out talk about an upcoming show and build their fan base. Now let's take a look at how easy it is to build out your site on Bandcamp. I've just signed up for a new account so I click on the add a track button let's give that track a name pop over here and upload some cover art and start the upload of the audio file. This one isn't going to be part of an album so I'll skip that set a release date and make the 128k mp3 available for free. But charge a set price of $1 for the higher-quality versions. 

Now here's where I'd fill out my credits and lyrics but for the sake of time let's just click Save and now we're on the track page. I'll click up here to upload a custom header and my site is already on its way all right one last quick thing on a track or album page. Your fans can view the cover art or pick a visualization now if that word makes you think of seeing laser Floyd at the planetarium on shrooms adjust your expectations your fans can even insert the visualizations into the embedded players. There by making your music even more viable we have any cue as well but forget this Pierce pan can alright. If you're not already on the site please check us out at band camp dot interview that's mu as a or making love in the water, and from the 274 hard-working people of band camp. Thank you for your time.