How to use Free 9GAG Video Downloader Online?

9GAG is a video-sharing website that's like Facebook or Youtube. This website is mostly used  memers because it's made for uploading funny and entertainment content. So, every user who knows about the memes can easily join 9GAG to make videos and upload them daily to earn money. Most of the users want to download 9GAG videos but still, this website does not allow users to download a video. Therefore, the ZeeGuru 9GAG video downloader allows you to download any video for free and unlimited in HD quality by just copy-paste the video link and press the download button.

There are the following steps to download any videos.

Go to and copy the video link. Search on Google ZeeGuru 9gag video downloader and paste your video link. Choose the video quality and download.

How To Make Money on 9gag?

Every memers know about this website but someone not. So, we give you the information about making money on 9gag. This platform is just like Youtube and Facebook. Do you know what is Youtube? Just the same work you will do on 9gag. But here upload only memes and funny content. In youtube, you can upload any videos and attached google Adwords to monetize your channel and earn money.

Simply go to the 9gag website and create your account. This website is also available on android and IOS. This website also earns money on Google AdWords and different ad companies. You must see the ad at the top of this website. This website's net worth is very highest. You can guess from that his monthly traffic is 100M+. So. we estimate his monthly revenue is 1.5M+. 9GAG mostly renew is generated on advertising. 

9GAG owns by Ray Chan. He was born in Hong Kong. He was a businessman. 9gag is getting more popularity in a short period of time. Why? Because most peoples like funny, memes and entertainment content, they can find on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram but 9gag solved their problem and provide all funny content videos in one place and also you have the opportunity to earn money from this website. Just create a free account making videos upload daily getting more views and start passive earning. 

ZeeGuru solved the user problem of providing a 9GAG video downloader for free and unlimited download. We will not charge any amount for downloading. Also, we give you the best all-in-one video downloaders. Support 41 websites Like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, 9GAG, LinkedIn, Twitter, Dailymotion, Bilibili, Blutv, and more. 

Is the 9GAG website is banned in China?

Yes, It's a piece of confirmed news that China is blocked the 9gag website and apps. 

Is 9GAG Video Downloader is Free?

Yes, Our ZeeGuru 9GAG Video Downloader is totally free. We will not require any PayPal or card details and also not require your personal info and login details. Use free of cost and easily. Because User satisfaction is our first priority.

Most people search on google about 9gag video downloaders or download 9gag videos for free. 

What is 9gag? The Purpose of 9gag?

What is 9gag? The whole concept of 9gag was designed to be the fun parts of the internet. It's a place for funny pictures. Some call it "the funny website", some call it "the funniest website", some call it "the best website". We don't really care what you call us, as long as you enjoy your time here!

So maybe you've seen a couple of funny memes, or maybe you've turned to 9gag before to giggle at the misfortunes of others, but what is 9gag? This meme aggregator extraordinaire has definitely got the attention of the world's media, but what makes this site so popular? And just how big is it, exactly?

9GAG is the best on the internet. 9GAG is a community that shares awesome, funny, and just plain interesting things. It’s a place that lets you experience pure fun by meeting awesome people who love to laugh. Whether you’re looking for cats, dogs, fail videos, board games, GIFs and funny memes, crafts and DIY, or handsome men and cute animals, we’ve got you covered. Download 9gag and contribute by checking out these awesome funny pics and awesome funny LOL videos.

9gag is a place where you can get a good laugh, and maybe even do a little social networking. Here at 9gag, you can post pictures, pics, movies, memes, what have you to get the attention of the world. So what are you waiting for? Join in on the fun today!

9gag Popularity

With 9.1 million Facebook fans, 9GAG is the global king of user-generated content. An online community built by you for others to enjoy the funniest videos, gifs, images & jokes.

9gag is a comedy website with a community of millions. We're a top 5 global site and in the top 20 in the world! Over 7.5 billion page views and 2 million users coming from more than 32 million pages! From cute kittens to epic fails or awesome cosplay, you'll find all kinds of awesome stuff to make you laugh here. We've got awesome users from around the world posting their stuff every day. Come laugh with us, the number 1 humor website in the world!

There are lots of sites on the internet nowadays, but 9GAG is very unique. It includes everything from LOL-Comics, Cats, Failpics, Ironic photos, to riddles and some absurd things thrown in for good measure. Also, there are plenty of 9gag exclusive gifs, images, etc. Also, there will be contests to keep all you 9gaggers very happy! So what more could you want?

9gag is the #1 source of dank memes, funny pics, videos, flash games, strange news stories, and all-around interesting content delivered daily to your mobile device. All 9GAG content is created by users like you!